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Laura 33, Los Angeles


I’ve been bartending since I was 20, but I had to work my way up in a restaurant. Now I bartend at catered events because it’s so flexible and it lets me pursue my real passion, which is Filmmaking.

Laura 33, Los Angeles


I’ve worked at a lot of retail jobs that just didn’t pay very well. This course is perfect because it’s affordable for someone in my situation and I can take the lessons at my own pace. I did my research

Laura 33, Los Angeles


I had just graduated with a BA in business, but it was really difficult finding a job. I got a job at a call center, the pay wasn’t great and had to start paying my student loans. Then I found

The Teacher

Laura 33, Los Angeles

My name is Giselle and I’ve been having an absolutely amazing time over the last 3 years in sunny LA making drinks, enjoying out-of-this-world events and most of all…

Making a whole heck of a lot of cash along the way!

Oh yeah, and I’ve made so much money doing bartending that I’ve ditched my regular 9-5 job, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my life! Do you also have this same desire to become a bartender, to be in full control of your income and freedom, and excited to meet amazing people every single night?

If you want to become a bartender, the costs can be as high as $500 or even more just to get the proper training. Not cheap! But I’m here to show you another way to learn, for a FRACTION of the price:

Disclaimer: The 13 piece bar kit is currently unavailable.