The One Up

The One Up

Finally, it is now okay to have fun in pubs again, after an era of stuffy speakeasies all thanks to The One Up; because let us be honest, video games always help the cause!

The One Up can best be termed as a bizarre love triangle between a sexy lounge, a cool neighborhood, and an eighties arcade game, with delicious food and cocktails to boot.


Sherman Oaks is not only becoming a great neighborhood filled with lots of places to eat, drink and have merry, but it is also becoming a legit destination for any person living north of the lower valley.

Today it has become worth making a trek or drive for revelers on the Hollywood Hills and in the Westside all thanks to The One Up, the newest bar arcade located on Ventura Blvd.

Food and Drink

It features an interior design inspired by the eighties, but a little bit cleaned up. While at The One Up, you can get to enjoy a wide selection of bar snacks like fried chicken, mini corn dogs, as well as sweet corn hushpuppies.

You can wash down your snacks with their extensive selection of game friendly cocktails like sporting vodka, lavender, blueberries, and Sadie Hawkins.

Additionally, it features small plates menu of conventional American recipes twisted with kitsch dishes like chocolate croissant bread and deconstructed seven-up Twinkies. Apart from the food and drinks (including the thirty-foot bar where the cocktails described above, wine and beer are served) The One Up has more than fifteen arcades.

The arcades have more than four hundred games loaded up which range from Street Fighter to Donkey Kong. The arcade is not only loaded with tons of vertical games from your early childhood, but it also comes with horizontal games, which are ideal for dates, such as the Mario Brothers.

Moreover, do not worry about running out of quarters; the games are absolutely free for the customers so that you can leave your quarters at home for laundry and street parking services.

Why Visit the One Up

Apart from the remarkably well-prepared food and drink served at The One Up, you get to play all your childhood games in a single location.

Although the advances made in technology means that all arcade games are virtually available on your mobile phone, nothing beats the experience of playing a game in an actual arcade.

Get to bring your childhood memories playing authentic arcades licensed with the original code as you enjoy your favorite cocktail at The One Up Bar arcade.

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Disclaimer: The 13 piece bar kit is currently unavailable.