MIA Beer Company

MIA Beer Company is the go-to place when you want to have a few pints and connect with your friends, or just hang-out with your work colleagues after a long week at work!

Located in Doral, Florida, MIA Beer Company has over thirty types of beers, some from their breweries, and others from local breweries.

Quality of Service

MIA Beer Company has very many quality beers that include Big Cypress, Vitamin Si, Crooked Hops, and Trans-Amber.

The beer company has something for each person, whether you prefer IPAs or canned beer. While at MIA, IPA lovers can try El Cuco or Wildling, both of which are solid IPAs.


MIA Beer Company

Fruitier beers such as Vitamin Si and Miami Weiss (love the name) are also available for those that would like to try something different.  Any person who takes beer on a regular basis—both tap and canned will gladly tell you that it is on no account a good idea to go drinking on an empty stomach. It is why MIA has a decent sized food menu for its patrons as well.

From the menu, you can try anything from the fries and sandwich to the Turkey Brie. It all comes down to what you like to eat when enjoying your pint.

Beer and Food Quantity

From the MIA drinks menu, you have the option of choosing a small 5oZ beer or opting for the full sized beer.

MIA Brewing Company is different from other breweries that have sets of flights, as you are allowed to order as many tap beers as you can consume, or would like to try out.

As for the food, it is set up as more of a snack than a normal meal, but it is still enough to help you stay satisfied in between the drinks.

Value for Money Spent

At MIA Brewing Company, the beer prices range from between two dollars and fifty cents to four dollars.

For a brewery with an eatery, the prices are fair, especially considering that can you try as many drinks as you would like.

Additionally, you can also take a tour of the brewery while there, and swap drinks from outside all at a relatively affordable cost.


MIA Brewing Company is located out West in Doral, a few blocks from the Dolphin Mall. Though it is located in an industrial area that has many warehouses, it is very easy to spot it during the weekends, as it is the only place with any action.

MIA Brewing Company is the place to visit when you want to catch your favorite drink and enjoy the game on the big screens mounted on the walls.

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