Golden Road Brewery

Every time the Union Pacific blows past the Golden Road Brewing pub, screaming its horn and rattling the adjacent buildings, the new patrons look up, startled mid-sip: wondering what is going on around them.  The regulars on the other hand, simply raise their glasses and continue drinking their frothy beers, and by the time another train zooms through the rail tracks, every patron’s glass is raised.

About Golden Road Brewing

Golden Road Brewings located in an industrial area at the Atwater Village, not too far from a local gentleman club that is advertising “full nude” services to attract clientele.
It is on this side of the track where you will find Tony Yanow and Meg Gill, who have planted the largest craft brewery in Los Angeles—Golden Road Brewing.
Over the last year, craft beers have been popping up around the area as specialty coffee shops, which explain why Golden Road Brewing was accorded a hero’s welcome when it officially launched its first beer brews at the end of last year.

Golden Road Brewing Pub

Golden Road Brewing operates out of three intensely colored red, yellow, and blue warehouses located next to the train tracks off the San Fernando road. The pub is painted yellow and is a big, airy, relaxation space that has an enormous relaxation space, as well as big table umbrellas.
With twenty beers on tap, there are more than enough suds here, with handles for Golden Road brews, and other carefully selected beers from local microbreweries. If unsure on what to take, the staff will patiently and happily ask you flowchart like questions in an attempt to get you the right tap.


As with other local pubs, Golden Brewing also serves its patrons food. Let us face it, drinking on an empty stomach is always a bad idea.

The menu at Golden Road Brewing is friendly to both Vegans and non-Vegans and comes with food items such as sandwiches, meatballs, and spaghetti. For snacks, your best bet is the enormous pretzel served with spicy Dijon. You can also try out their many burgers served with French fries.

Location and Transportation

Being a pub, Golden Road Brewing encourages its patrons to consider using rideshare services such as Lyft, Uber or public transportation when planning a visit to their bar.

The pub is only a few steps from the Metro Line 94 Bus Stop and a few minutes from the Amtrak station and the Glendale Metro link. Transportation to and from the pub should therefore not be a problem.

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