Father’s Office Gastropub

Father’s Office—What Is It?

Father’s Office, a gastropub located in Santa Monica, CA.  It is the beloved home of the Office burger.  According to Esquire Magazine, the Office Burger is one of the best in the world.  I’ve tried it myself, and I must say it’s a very tasty burger!

History of the Office Burger

Sang Yoon, the owner, and chef of the Father’s Office conceptualized the father’s Office burger. It has become a divisive, but beloved part of the larger LA cuisine.

Having left the world of fine dining, Sang wanted to open a simple, casual restaurant that served great beers and had a great bar snack.  On his original menu, the first item was a burger, and it was unlike any other burger that had ever been created.

Since its inception, the office burger has gone ahead to receive accolades from different quarters in the hospitality industry.  It is highly rated on Yelp, as a must have bar snack.

Although the burger continues to receive accolades and acclamation Father's Officefor its inventiveness, there are those that revile the restaurant because of its strict non-modification policy.  It is a policy that prohibits the use of any additions or substitutions on the office burger such as ketchup.

According to Yoon, the initial base inspiration was beef froth, and not so much a burger; he wanted to highlight the beef flavor.  The office burger that is prepared using French onion soup—caramelized onions, gruyere, and beef broth are a must have each time you are in the Santa Monica area and looking for a quick snack.

Beer Selection at the Father’s Office

Even though the Father’s Office is widely known for its amazing and delicious Office burger, it also happens to have an excellent beer selection.

Visitors to the Father’s Office can make their selection from thirty-six craft beers!  There is a ton of great tap beer comprising of different breweries and different styles.  If unsure on what to take, you can always check the day’s special advertised on the chalkboard, and based on a rotating selection of the thirty-six beers in stock.

Some of the beers available include Pliny the Elder, Weizenbock, ESB, classic cocktails, small producer wines and micro-distilled spirits.


The Father’s Office currently has two eateries. One in Santa Monica and another one on Helmes Avenue.  For patrons who would like to check the spirits on offer, they are advised to visit the Father’s Office eatery on Helmes Avenue, as it is the only one of the two that stocks spirits.

The Father’s Office is a great place to visit with friends, and age-drinking family members—they have a strict over twenty-one policy—when looking to unwind and have a very good time.

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