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Bartending School Today is The Only Online Bartending Course You Will Ever Need to Learn the Skills and Get Hired without Breaking the Bank!

Everyone knows that bartending pays good money, but there's a huge learning curve in order to become a good one, and worse, one hefty price tag to go along with it. Fortunately there is another option, other than the traditional way of sacrificing an arm and a leg, to learn how to bartend.

My Story Says it all!

Hi, my name is Giselle Marie and I’ve been bartending in LA since I moved here back in 2012.

Before that I was living in Miami, Florida and I had a decent desk job that paid all the bills.  I had that job for three and half years, but I was always wondering when I was going to get laid off.  As you well know, the recession was affecting everything and everybody.  No one’s job was safe.

One Friday morning at work my coworkers and I all had to wait to see who was getting laid off as one by one were called into the HR office.  Thirty-nine of my co-workers were suddenly out of a job in a matter of hours and although I was spared, it lit a fire under my butt because the lay-offs were far from over.

At the same time I was doing some acting work on the side and my job was the only thing I had to keep me afloat while I pursued my passion.  I was terrified because I had been hoping to be transferred to our other office in Los Angeles – that opportunity was chucked out the window when Los Angeles County decided not to renew  the contract with the company I worked for.

So between almost losing my safety net job in Miami and having my dream job in LA eliminated, I was frantically trying to find some new skills so that I could get a job right away when I moved – because no one was going to stop me from pursuing my dreams!

I tried looking into trade schools, but I would have been forced to take out a loan for schooling.  Bartending was the last thing on mind because I don’t even drink much – I’m the lightest lightweight you’ll ever meet.

While pouring over the newspaper trying to find new job opportunities, I saw an ad for a bartending school. The light bulb lit up.

I called them and set up a meeting, as I had done with the other trade schools, and at the meeting I found out the class was $500 plus $50 more for a bar kit.  And that certainly didn’t include the money I had to spend driving back and forth from the school every day to two weeks straight.  Ouch!  Well, I was fortunate to still have my job, and some nice savings, so I ponied-up the $550 in cash and completed the class.

While attending the classes, we were told that even after attending a school, it would not be sufficient to obtain a bartending job at a restaurant or bar; that we would have to work our way up from busser, to server, to bar back and finally – but only maybe – to bartender.

To me this was horrifying news because I had been completely successful at avoiding serving food since I first got introduced to the job market at age 18.  I did not want to start cleaning dishes and serving food now at age 25.

Well, I’m nothing if not persistent, so I found a loop hole.  I decided to gain experience bartending at catered events, where you didn’t have to deal with the pressure of learning complicated specialty drinks, measuring, or operating the register.

When I moved to LA I took 2 weeks to sightsee and get in the rhythm of my new life, then I started reaching out to catering companies…and can you believe I got hired by three catering companies within the first month?

That’s right!

Two companies hired me without even an interview and one just tested me verbally on the must know cocktails, which I had already committed to memory thanks to my schooling.  And just like that, I was working house parties, weddings, movie screenings, meeting celebrities, seeing different venues and absolutely loving my job.

Not only was I making as much as $25 per hour, plus tips, but I finally had the true flexibility I needed to start going to some pretty awesome auditions and working on real honest-to-gosh movies!

After a year of freelance bartending and working with catering companies where I was making up to $600 in just one night I decided to see if I could get a job at a real bar.  I applied to a lounge and wouldn’t you know it – I got the job.

After a few months of being on call I started working the weekend shifts which earned me about $1000 more to my income.  I thought to myself…imagine how much I’d be making at night club…dollar signs filled my mind, but I’m a laid back type a person and love changing scenery’s so liquid catering events are still my favorite gigs.

I still bartend on Friday and Saturday evenings for extra hard cash to splurge and fill my retirement account, but during the week I work as a spokesperson and I just booked a lead role in a feature film, plus I found another passion – teaching.  I occasionally teach recreational bartending workshops and now I have a full online bartending school to offer to people like you.  I don’t know how your life is going, but I’m pretty sure my dreams have come true.

My Story – From the 9-5 to Freedom with Fun

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    Me in my cubicle at my old job before I decided to make my life exciting!
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    Me working a steampunk themed event in Los Angeles having an awesome time!
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    Halloween Party at the lounge!


Let’s say you have a “normal” job and earn $10 per hour and work a 40 hour week – $400 right?  That’s a pretty easy calculation.Now let’s suppose as a bartender you serve 400 drinks and everyone gives you a $1 tip?  Well, for one thing you’d only have to work one night a week to make the same amount of money (plus your wage, beyond your tips).  Did you miss that?  You’d be working part-time and making the same amount of money as if you’d been working a regular full-time job.  Granted not everyone will give you a buck, but some will give you $20 just because are they like you.  My favorite is when they hand me a hundred dollar bill for the few drinks they’ve had and say “keep the change”.

You will always find a JOB

There are plenty of opportunities in bartending because of the high turnover rate.  For the most part, people start bartending for a few years at college to pay tuition fees, buy books, and all the associated costs, but then they graduate and get jobs within their new profession.  Restaurants, pubs, hotels and caterers are always taking applications for this reason.

It’s RECESSION proof 

Even during the worst recessions people still go out to socialize and have a few cocktails with friends.  Think about it, when you have troubles and you just need to relax and not worry about things for once, where do you go to let loose?  I’m betting it is probably a bar, a club, or a restaurant

It’s EASY 

Let’s say you are already in the service industry and serving tables.  Any bartender who has ever served tables will tell you that making tips bartending is far easier than making tips being a server.  For one thing, you almost never have to leave the bar because you are serving your guests who are right in front of you.  Secondly, everything you need is within your reach or just a few steps away.  Does the customer need a napkin?  Just reach out your right hand and give them one.  Now they need another straw?  Okay, here it is right next to the napkins.  Now they need a toothpick?  No problem, just reach behind you and voila.  No need to run from table to table every single time a customer needs something even though you just made your rounds and asked if they needed anything else.

Earn extra CASH 

So, you might have a decent job already but you want to pay off some credit cards or put a nice down payment on a new car and you don’t want to quit your day job.  Guess what?  You can bartend in your spare time.  That’s right – you can be a freelance bartender and bartend whenever you have the chance.  Catering companies usually host events on the weekends so they will call you up to a week in advance and ask if you are available to bartend on Saturday for a wedding or Sunday for a corporate brunch outing.   You get to say whether you can or cannot work the event for them; it’s your choice.


There are so many different places you can bartend.  Don’t like the club scene?  You can work at a golf club lounge or at a resort.  Have a rowdy personality?  Irish pubs are the place for you.  Don’t want to work in the same place every time?  Liquid catering offers a different array of venues for different events.  Want to travel the world?  Cruise lines have short term contracts and on your days off you get to sight see – plus you don’t have to spend a dime on room and board…cha-ching!

What’s included?

12 high-quality, easy to follow video lessons, and every lesson has helpful written information, downloadable PDF’s of a ready-to-use sample cover letter and resume, plus tons of drink recipes.

The course breakdown:

  • Lesson 1: Attire and Tools (How to look and act like a bartender)
  • Lesson 2: Garnish & Garbage (How to cut fruit & how to garnish) – Learn the different ways to cut fruit and how to garnish your cocktails.
  • Lesson 3: Collins, Rocks, Highballs!  Oh My!  (How to recognize glassware)
  • Lesson 4: Jigger’s & Counting (Basic measurements & Free Pouring)Lesson 5: Gin & Cocktails (how it’s made, must know brands & cocktails)
  • Lesson 6: Tequila & Cocktails (How it’s made, must know brands & cocktails)
  • Lesson 7: Rum & Cocktails (How it’s made, must know brands & Cocktails)
  • Lesson 8: Vodka & Cocktails (How it’s made, must know brands & cocktails)
  • Lesson 9: Whisky & Cocktails (the different categories of Whisky, how they’re made, must know brands & cocktails).   Know the differences between Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch.
  • Lesson 10: Wine, Beer & Champagne (Champagne, learn the different wines & beers, how to pour & must know cocktails)
  • Lesson 11: Milk Drinks & More (Must know cocktails)
  • Lesson 12: Getting the Job (How to get the job, Cover Letter & Resume)

That’s over 2 1/2 HOURS of content!

Each lesson has downloadable PDF’s covering recipes, extra tips and helpful information that you can easily print or download to your mobile device so you can study on the go.

When You Enroll You Will Have All The Skills To Be A Successful Bartender…

I know what it is like looking for a way to learn bartending.  Discovering the hard way that I had to pay almost $600 plus mileage, just to learn the skills, and then being obliged to navigate my way around a busy schedule in order to make it work.  It was very inconvenient and extremely expensive.

That’s why I want to make sure you don’t have to go through what I did, and I want to do something very special for you.

You see, with the amount of high quality content in this membership course it would be a steal for me to charge $497.

But I’m not going to do that.

I’m not even going to charge $397 as many colleagues have told me to do.

I really want to help all of you become successful, working bartenders so badly that I’m going to give you instant access to this entire comprehensive course for a one-time fee of just $97!

That’s right!  You get full access to everything for just a measly 97 bucks.

And best of all, once you’ve signed up, any updates and new information that is added will be available to you absolutely FREE!

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