Top 10 Organic Beers You Should Try

There is no doubt that organic beer has become very popular and a lot of people are choosing them over traditional beers.  People are becoming more interested in knowing what their food - and in this case, drinks - get treated with. Lately, people are starting to agree that unhealthy pesticides may cause health issues in the long run and affect our environment negatively.

In this article we are going to give you the top 10 organic beers you should try. They are in no particular order as I believe that everyone has a different taste in beer and I will let you judge for yourself.
10-Eel River Amber Ale
This beer feels like a great mix between the amber ale and the brown ale and that is the main reason why it has become such a popular pick for a lot of organic beer enthusiasts.
9-Bison brewing chocolate stout
This beer has a name that is sure to catch your attention and while it’s not the kind of taste that's for everyone, I find it to be an excellent and very refreshing beverage. It might be a bit too diluted for some palates, but for most people this mild taste will be more than enough.
8-Salmon Pale Ale
This is a great organic beer that has a very sweet malty taste to it. The company that makes this beer is a very environmentally friendly business and it truly shows with all the activities they engage themselves in. Great tasting beer and definitely a must for anyone looking to try good quality.
7-Samuel Smith Produced Lager
This is probably the one beer that took me the longest time to be able to acquire a taste for. After drinking it about 3 times I started to develop quite a taste for it and it has now become part of my options for purchase from time to time. Definitely worth buying and trying out at least once.
6-Butte Creek Pale Ale
This beer is a mildly fruity and sweet tasting organic beverage that will be good enough for you to consider purchasing it when you have plenty of options. It’s not the best on the list, but definitely very good.
5-St.Peters English Ale
This is a very fancy organic ale that I find to be one of the best English ales available. If you are looking for an organic beer that is quite strong but also smooth, this is definitely a good choice.
4-Eel river triple Exultation Organic beer
This is one of those beers that you could consider to be the very best for a large number of reasons. The truth is that all the beers in this top ten could end up being your favorite depending on your taste, but the Eel River Exultation is one of a kind. This is the second beer that we feature in this article from the same brewery and we think that it packs an excellent taste.
3-Bison Brewing I.P.A
I feel that this particular beer is a perfect contender against any of the other beers on the list. There are many things about this particular beer that I find to be extremely good, but I also like how the Bison brewery is so involved in environmental activities.
2-Mothership Wit
This one comes from Belgium and I find it to be a great choice for anyone who wants top quality organic beer. I always get it when I find it in any store I go to.
1-Samuel Smith Cherry Ale
This is a very sweet organic beer that is ideal for people who enjoy an extra flavor added to their beer.

Like I said there is no particular order for this list, but the top three choices are definitely my top three favorites.

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