Tales from the Barkeep

When I first stumbled upon Charles the Bartender with his crinkly eyes, expansive body language, and genuine smile, I knew I found the real thing—a first class bartender with customers who loved him. His blog, Shots from the Bartender, may be NSFW in many respects, but you tend to sense that it all comes from a good place. He often urges you to take a step back from your everyday life and seriously consider why you’re bothered by something that actually makes absolutely no difference to you, or pointing out that folks who stay in a miserable, abusive relationship aren’t there because they hope the other person will change—they just need to face up to the fact that they’re afraid to be alone. He also sagely points out that if there is someone out there in the world that you’re supposed to meet, as long as you stay attached to this loser you will never find them.
In a way he’s refreshingly pragmatic, and almost always amusing, as he points out the foibles in modern life. When contemporary boys have their pants at half-mast trying to be cool, they don’t realize that this is a prison-signal to other prisoners that they are available for a gay liaison. He stands staunchly against the modern day stampede towards kale, pointing out that it tastes like eating your grandmother’s curtains, which then makes you crap doilies!
During his time in the army he learned how to skydive, but as he points out, the army doesn’t rely on you to pull your ripcord at the appropriate time. Instead, they prefer to hook you up to a static line, which begins your chute deployment about one second after you leave the plane. They lose fewer paratroopers that way, which keeps them happy. When invited to go skydiving with his pal named Amy, his reply was “come pick me up”. He is staunch in his support for Amy, the topless skydiver, and links unabashedly to her video.
He also, talks about his divorce and subsequent re-entry into the dating world (online), detailing his own strategy. And of course being a bartender, he also makes a point to mention how he collects new drinks, which he happily shares on his blog so you can enjoy them too.

The language might be a little brusque sometimes, and it’s definitely NSFW, but I suspect if you were to drop by you probably wouldn’t be disappointed. Charles seems like just the sort of guy you would want to see behind the bar when you go into a new place. He’ll make your drinks; he’ll make you feel welcome; he’ll make you laugh. Sounds perfect to me!