Online Bartending School – Tip and Wages

Tips and Wages

Between 2008 and 2014 most every job suffered as our economy "corrected" itself.  One of the few exceptions was bartending.  People go out for a drink when they're happy; people go out when they're sad; people go out when they're bored, just to be social.  That might have sometimes meant that the tips were a little scanty, but now that we're on the road to recovery people are getting more generous.

Wages for a catered event can run from $13.00 per hour when you're brand new, to a more reasonable 18 to 25 dollars per hour, once you are established.  The rate can vary depending on who your client is.  For example, private clients often pay more than corporate clients.

Often clients will compensate you if they won't allow a tip jar.  Otherwise, make sure your tip jar is in clear view, appropriately labeled, and "seeded" with a couple of "starter" bills so your customers get the idea.

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