You know how I’m always happy to share when I find a really good website, well, this time I found a real beauty. It’s a place called and boy do they have some cool stuff.

Now most of my people here are bartenders, so I would suggest  you go over to the bar tools section. Of course they have your shakers and strainers and jiggers, and even some magnificent complete bartending kits, but they also have stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily think of.

If you’re supplying liquor for an event how many times have you wished you had the mesh webbing sleeves for bottles so they don’t bang and clank together? Or how about an ice pick for heaven’s sakes? If you’re presenting liquid catering and you’re supplying the ice… What would you do if you arrived and discovered that the ice you just bought must’ve gotten warm and refroze into one big chunk? Having an ice pick could be a lifesaver!

If there’s an event on, or if you run or work in a bar where underage people are allowed for part of the evening, then security wristbands could save you the trouble of carding everybody. Let the bouncer, or security, do that job for you.
And how about this for a kick: a Vermouth Atomizer Spray set. If someone asks you for a dry martini you can give them exactly what they want.

Want a big tip with your high-end brandy or cognac drinkers? Serve them a snifter sitting in a copper brandy warmer set. Not only is it elegant, but the candle gives it that nice touch of class. Hey! Not that many bars allow smoking anymore, so what else are you going to do with that lighter-on-a-leash?

Bar owners (home or commercial)

Of course a lot of my students just took the course so they can impress the heck out of their guests with their bartending skills. And if you have got yourself a great little bar downstairs in the rec room, there are a couple of things you might like to have that certainly wouldn’t be out of place in a commercial bar.

Take for example Acid Phosphate. Back in the 1950s you could go into any soda shop and get a cherry phosphate or an orange phosphate; you could even get a chocolate phosphate. Nowadays it’s unheard of; it has been completely forgotten. Angostura phosphate used to be an incredibly popular drink, but you have probably never heard of it! Give your drinks a sour edge; find a new way to take off some of that sweetness without the overwhelming citrus of lemon or lime.

Are you stuck in an Angostura rut? There are so many different kinds of bitters out there. They got three pages (96 items) of bitters. It’s time for a change!

And available garnishes galore, from Filthy Pickle Stuffed Olives, to Maraschino cherries with or without stems; from Wild Hibiscus Flowers (in syrup) to Sable & Rosenfeld Vermouth Tipsy Onions; from exotic rimming salts and sugars to Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks.

Not exotic enough for you? How about white and dark chocolate drinking cups, designed to look like tuxedos, or white chocolate cordial and toasting cups?

Maybe something a little extra special the next time you serve a bloody Mary: a drinking straw made out of beef – that’s right – a hollow sausage for your drink that you can then eat as a snack!

Home brew

Do you make your own beer or wine? Kegworks has you covered! It doesn’t matter whether it is hydrometers or wine crushers/presses; oak barrels or new bottles; fermenting equipment or cleaning equipment. They’ve got it all.


Do you need neon signs, dart boards, bar lighting, pub tables & chairs, or bar stools? They’ve got it. How about wall clocks, bar mirrors, fancy tap handles, old fashioned saloon doors, or even dancer poles… Seriously, they have everything.


Go explore this website. I’ve only skimmed the surface here. Give it a peek and find your perfect treasure to set your bar apart from the crowd. Maybe you need a custom bar rail, or a beer tower with anywhere between one and 20 taps. You’ll love this place.