How to be a Bartender

Raising the Bar!

Why learn how to be a bartender?

The answer seems deceptively easy to this question, but there is more to it…

  • First of all, if someone requests a Sloe Gin Fizz, you can’t stand around asking yourself, “What the heck is slow gin?”
  • Second, you can’t just sling booze; there is a responsible methodology that you should follow.
  • Third, every jurisdiction has some sort of regulation or licensing that you need to be familiar with, such as drinking ages, serving hours, probationary bartending, bartending license requirements, and so on.

Aside from professionalism and form, there is the sheer profitability of the job.  Maybe you’d like to discover how some bartenders make $400 per night in tips.

Not only that, but it’s fun and has a Zen aspect to it as you hit your marks; reach for a garnish without looking; pour a perfect shot without measuring; and place “garbage” so perfectly that people will admire your skill and aplomb. Just one more reason to learn how to be a bartender with our online bartending school!

Why register with an online bartending school?

No one is just “magically” good.  Somehow you have to learn the rudiments of the business.  You could read online; you could go to a bar and watch a real bartender in action; you could volunteer at friends’ parties; or you could learn from a professional bartender.

There are two schools of thought here. One says bartenders start as kitchen help, become cooks, servers, or whatever, and eventually get promoted to bartender.

The other school says “Knowledge is Power”.  If you come equipped with skills, you can bypass the kitchen and go straight to work at the bar.  Which one sounds better to you?

What you will Need to Know…

  • How to set up the bar – if you can’t do this, your shift will be a continuous struggle
  • Terminology and equipment – understand your customer; know your tools
  • Garbage vs Garnish – Appearance altering = Garbage; Flavor altering = Garnish
  • How to pour; how to mix; layers – essential skills for a professional
  • Opening and closing procedures – the “float”; daily receipts
  • Develop a style – Have a “trick” and have a good “story” to share
  • Don’t Drink and Tend – Keep your mind on the job!
  • How to change different beer kegs – you must know this skill
  • How to determine if someone has had too much – BarSmart/SmartServe/SIR
  • Sour mixes, simple syrups, juices and mixers – what to keep on-hand
  • The various types of Martinis and Manhattans – The Basics
  • Frozen Drinks, Fads and Exotic/Tropical drinks – Specialities

What do I get when I register for

  • Full access to the site with detailed written lessons and videos from a real, professional bartender. You can learn how to be a bartender online; you can learn how to bartend at home!
  • Everything you need right in front of you; and you can easily review it anytime for a quick brush-up of your skills. Forgot how to make a Tom Collins or a Rob Roy?  No problem!  Just watch the lesson again and you’re good-to-go!
  • As well, you’ll receive a complete bar kit, shipped right to your door, so you can start practicing and bartending right away.  If you’re going to do it, you’d better start off right!  You need proper equipment, tools, and practical knowledge about their use.

Your Bar Kit will include:

  • 1 Big Tin
  • 1 Little Tin
  • 1 Strainer
  • 1 Mixing Glass
  • 1 Muddler
  • 1 Bar spoon
  • 1 Wine Key
  • 1 Bottle Opener
  • 6 Standard Pour Spouts

The Result: you can learn how to be a bartender online!

Do you want “mad skills” to show off at your next dinner party?  Are you simply curious about how the magic is done?  Do you want a terrific short-cut that will let you avoid dishwashing and vegetable chopping on your way to your dream job?

This is your chance to mix it up! Even doing this part-time could pay for your college tuition, text books, food, dorm fees, car insurance, laptop, tablet, latest phone, a new TV, cable, or anything!

Do it now while you’re thinking of it and don’t let this opportunity get away.

Register today and Get a Better Job! Join our online bartending school right now!