Eagle Rock Brewery

Looking for some remarkably unique and well balanced refreshing breweries? Look no more! Eagle Rock brewery is the place to go.  The brewery is family owned and operated which became the first microbrewery to base its operations in Los Angeles city in decades.  It opened its doors in 2009 and from its unique and well balanced beers; it has been an award winning brewery founded on the belief of quality over quantity.

Its success has been significantly attributed to the family’s continuous hard work.  This has seen it promote the ongoing LA beer community development and the remarkable home brewing community from where it sprang from.

eaglerockSome of its best beers that are a true expression of their amicable style, skills and great taste for beer include: The Solidarity Black Mild Ale, Revolution Extra Pale Ale (revolution XPA), Manifest Wit bier, Populist IPA, Unity, Unionist Belgian Pale Ale, The Yearling Flanders Red Ale and the Equinox Barrel Aged Blond Sour among other quality beers.  All these perfectly and amazingly brewed to satisfy your desire and needs as beer lover.

Moreover, it offers more than just the quality beers as it also comes in handy on home brewing supply.  It greatly helps you selecting the best equipment and ingredients for your home brewing success.  This is whether you are fermenting wine, kombucha, beer, mead or sake they have all you need!  They have been long time providers of the best selection of brewing ingredients in Southern California.  Their experienced brewers can also help in the equipment setup if you need some assistance; all you’ve got to do is ask as they’ve got you covered.

To help you achieve the best brewing skills, the brewery offers classes for home brewing which are held once per month on Sunday evenings from 5 to 8 PM.  The classes come at an affordable price of only $20 where you also get some take away goodies, a keepsake pint glass.

For a good time, the microbrewery is attached to a public tap room where fellow beer lovers gather to refresh, relax and enjoy the brewery’s unique beers.  However, guests visiting the tap room are required to be 21 and over with no exceptions. This way it ensures that there is no underage drinking taking place which is illegal and unsafe.  For those seeking to have some food alongside their beer enjoy the specialties of the eagle rock brewery public house where beer and dining are unified; great beer, even better food!

You can visit on Roswell Street 3056, Los Angeles CA  90065 or on eagle rock Blvd 4981, Los Angeles CA 90041. You can also call us on 323-258-2107 or 323-257-7866 or email at info@eaglerockbrewery.com for more!

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