Bartending School Review

 Hello Scott!

Thank you so much for your bartending school review.  I just love feedback, especially when someone goes to the effort to make a video!  That is so nice of you!

You have the perfect personality to be a bartender.  You speak clearly and seem both interested and interesting at the same time; you make good eye-contact with the camera/customer; and you have a friendly, open expression.

Just by creating this video you've demonstrated that you're the sort of person that makes the extra effort.  You're going to be a great bartender!  I'm so happy that has proven to be so helpful to you.


People who think about how much fun it would be to bartend are usually the best people for the job.  They like to meet people; they like people to admire them for their skill; they like to help people to enjoy themselves and have a good time…and of course they like the income they can generate!

If you're a people-person then there is hardly a better job in the world for you!  All you need is a little training and practice and you can be on your way to a fun and exciting career.

We can help you get started

You are only a dozen lessons away from being a confident bartending professional.  These represent more than 2½ hours of instruction, providing all the vital information you need to succeed.

Of course you'll want to watch each lesson more than one time because after all, these are skills that you will need to practice in order to become proficient.  That is the advantage with video.  You can watch it again and again to make sure that you understand the subtle details and exquisite explanations.

bartending school reviewWe make that as easy as possible by providing a free 13-piece bar kit when you join so that you have all the necessary gear you need right at hand.

You can participate right along with me as you watch the lesson, and then practice even more after the lesson is done.  Nothing worthwhile comes without effort…but isn't it great when your "homework" is so much fun?

Your first lessons are about Attire & Tools.  In some venues you'll be expected to dress a particular way.  If you're doing Liquid Catering for a western-themed party you might be asked to wear blue jeans, a broadly-checked shirt, and maybe even a western hat if you have one, but generally speaking that doesn't happen.

We'll explain what the proper uniform is for a bartender.  You want to be identified as a service person, not as a party-goer.  It actually helps with your tips.

In the next lessons you learn the proper way to garnish cocktails so they're attractive, fulfill a flavor need, or add to the design visually.  Again, this skill can reflect in your tips.

Then we go on to teach you how to recognize and use the right glassware, perform basic measurements, how to free-pour (which saves an immense amount of time when you're busy), and then how to mix all the must-know drinks.  That will include all the important brands of gin, tequila, rum, vodka, and whiskey.  You learn the difference between whiskey, bourbon and scotch.

Then there's a whole lesson on champagnes, wines, beers and all of their must-know cocktails.  We then move on to the milk-based drinks and some of the more unusual (but essential) odd-ball cocktails.

The final lesson is all about getting a job.  It includes practical advice as well as an effective cover letter and résumé form to get your foot in the door.

liqueursWe'll also include a gallery of trademarked bottles so that you can identify them by sight rather than squinting to read labels when the light levels are low.  Your bar should be set up the same way every time so you can just reach and grab the right bottle of liquor, mixer, or garnish without looking away from whatever else you're doing.

Finally there are all the extra drink recipes that you'll want to know.  Less common perhaps, but sought frequently enough that it is worth putting in the effort to learn them.  Again, it's for the tips!

Drop by and sign up, whether to find your dream job, or just to impress the heck out of your friends at your next party.

A regular course where you actually have to deliver yourself to a specific location, over the course of many days, is easily priced in the $600 range.  But that just doesn't make sense anymore.

Going to a physical location, sitting for a lecture, and then practicing pouring with bottles of colored water no longer makes sense.  The Internet allows you to access the material anytime, as often as you wish, in the convenience of your own home.

And when it comes time to learn pouring layered drinks, you can use real alcohol with the proper densities so you can actually see when you're doing it right!  Theory only takes you so far; practical work turns you into a real professional.

For just $97 (including the complimentary 13-piece bar kit) you can learn "at your own pace, in your own place".  And your friend's will happily visit to be your practice victims!  Heck, you can probably get them to bring liquor donations to save you money!

So take advantage of this opportunity today.  Click on the Enroll Now button below and let us get you started down the road to your personal success story!